One design brings the water in the top of a container through a “header” which distributes the water evenly. The filter “media” start with fine sand on the top and then graduatingly coarser sand in a number of layers fo llowed by gravel on the bottom, in gradually larger sizes. The top sand physically removes particles from the water.The job of the subsequent layers is to support the finer layer above and provide efficient drainage.

Media filters are also used for cleaning the effluent from septic tanks and primary settlement tanks. The materials commonly used are sand, peat and natural stone fibre.

  • Modular-Each Plant is One
  • Module Prefabricated-Pre-engineered, Pre-assembled, Factory Tested
  • Design Code-ASME I IS
  • All Components are of proven quality

  • To Remove Suspended Solids.
  • To Remove Airborne Debris.
  • Pre& Post-treatment to Reverse Osmosis Plant.
  • To Remove Turbidity.
  • Pre & post-treatment to Desalination Plant.
  • Removal of Chlorine, Organics, Tri-Halo Methane {THM’s) Odour and Colour.
  • To Remove Particulates of Rusted Metal.
  • Tertiary Treatment for Waste Water Treatment Plant.