Water softener is a widely used technology for reducing hardness forming ions (Ca & Mg) which par tic ipate and scale as very low temperature and pressure. Softening is a reversible ion exchange process wherein the hardness forming ions are exchanged with sodium ions presents in resin group Aquawholly offers a wide range at water softening part with versatility in flow, flexibility in Resin quantities and ease in operations.



  • Modular-Each Plant is One
  • ModulePrefabricated-Pre-engineered, Pre-assembled, Factory Tested
  • Design Code-ASME I IS
  • All Components are of Proven quality
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Stable and long life resin
  • Easy Maintenance Design
  • Low Maintenance quality



  • Food Processing
  • Boiler Feed.
  • Cooling Tower.
  • Hospitality and Hospital.
  • Power Plant
  • Rubber, Textile, Tobacco & Petrochemical Industries
  • Pre-Treatment to RO plant
  • Supply to Residential society
  • Paper Industries.



  • Platform,safety ladder,Davit arm
  • FRP,Mild Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Epoxy I FRP I Rubber Lined



  • We offer the Following service for Various water and Waste Water Plants
  • Operation And Maintenance Contract
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Upgrade I Modification Of Existing Plants
  • All Consumable Spares